Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're off...

The semester officially started on Monday so I am half way through my week. I have Fridays off! My classes are packed! I swear if one of my ENVS students sneeze half the class will fall over. We are packing in like sardines! I am looking forward to getting this semester over with so I can start teaching the new hybrid courses and start taking classes myself.
I started full force on Weight Watchers again. It is really hard to do with my schedule this semester. Teaching only at night has me all backwards. I am sure I will get in the groove soon but in the meantime, its hard finding foods I can eat that are low in points but convenient. I need to find a way to increase my fruit and veggies!! The water will also be a challenge since I can't run to the potty all the time during class. As long as the scale goes down, I will be happy!
We are going to start painting next weekend. I can't stand the white walls anymore. This weekend is the spelling bee so we will be out very early for registration, 7:15 AM - like I said very early!