Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday

and I survived the first week back! I can tell that the first part of the week is going to be very taxing, especially Mondays. Next Monday is a holiday and Tuesday is a furlough day so I am off for a week. Next Thursday we are heading out of town for Greyson's birthday. So, we have a busy couple of weeks.

We got our treadmill on Wednesday and are in the process of making room in the study for it. We just removed one of the desks and rearranged the furniture so now we get to put it together. I am so excited about finally getting one. It will be put to good use.

Off to take ds to physical therapy...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And we're off -

School started up again for me and the kids. Monday was my first day back and man was I tired when I got home. Of course I leave my house at 6:45 am and return to my house at 8:00 pm so I don't know why I would be tired?!? My classes at GSU are going to be a lot of fun, I just love being a student. It does not matter what I am learning - knitting, tatting, internet courses or whatever. My Adult Learning prof is from Oklahoma so I KNOW that will be a great class. My Ed Stats class will be a challenge but I am still excited about it. My classes at GPC are packed once again. I only have 15 minutes between all of my classes on M & W. Thank goodness the lab is only once a week.

I think we are going to try to go out of town next week for Greyson's birthday but only for a couple of days. The weather is just too cold to do much right now. We are thinking of going back to Chattanooga and maybe staying in the Choo Choo this time. We might just go to Savannah. Well I am fading fast, 6:00 AM is about 4 hours earlier than my body likes to get up!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still cold but a little better...

It is a little warmer today but Monday it is supposed to be in the 50's. If I can manage to stay inside till then I should be good. However, I think we are going to see a movie tomorrow if ds is feeling better.

Took down, well almost, the Christmas decorations today. All that is left it the tree. I went through 15 years of decorations and reorganized everything so it took most of the day. We watched All About Steve and I have to say was a little disappointed in it. Sandra Bullock can do so much better - Blind Side for instance.

My statistics text came in the mail today and I am slightly freaking out. I don't have the courage to really look at it. I did flip through it enough to give myself a panic attack. This will be a true test for me this semester. Spring is always the worse semester for a student and a professor and I am both so not sure what I have to look forward to.

Need to get some medicine in my son before bed. Nite all...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Well it snowed here in Georgia yesterday and yes they closed the schools. We literally got a dusting - if that. You can still see the grass! Anyway, the son is home today and is thrilled. I remember going to school with drifts of snow over my head! But that was another time and another place.

I finally had a full day with my Body Bugg. I decided to wear it on a day when I did absolutely nothing...really just dishes and taking a desk to the trash. The rest of the day was spent working at the computer and reading. I was amazed how much calories I burn by doing very little. I am anxious to see how it looks Monday after my days return to normal after the break. I had my coaching session yesterday and had no idea this little jewel could do so much. It will take me a while to figure it all out, kind of like the cell phone I still only use about 10% of. Not really sure what 4G is but I hear it is cool! Speaking of my phone, I found a cool app that will allow me to scan the bar code on any item and it will automatically upload the nutritional information into a program. Isn't that awesome??? Just hope I can figure it out and get it to work.

School and work/school starts Monday. I got two of my texts yesterday and this one class is going to be a challenge. By challenge I mean staying awake. It is the Psychology of Adult Learning, even the title made me yawn. I hope the professor is interesting. The other class is Quantitative Research in Education AKA Educational Statistics and this is going to eat my lunch. The only thing I hate more than math is statistics! I don't hate math as much as I am scared of it. I have survived regular stats and engineering stats so I hope this one is similar but it looks really different. The professor used to work at the same GPC campus as I do. I thought he was familiar.

Watched the BCS Championship last night. I did want the "other crimson" to win but felt horrible about Colt McCoy being injured. I felt bad for their freshman QB who was thrust into the awful situation. I did get irritated with some of the coaching calls. Almost enough to make me switch sides...almost! I am not sure what the outcome would have been had McCoy played. I know both teams would have played a different game so who knows. Being a Sooner and having survived a year where our QB was injured twice and we pretty much started a new offensive line every game, I really felt bad for McCoy. I guess next year will be very interesting with all the changes in the Big 12 and SEC.

Guess I better go make some lunch for the kids. Ash is home sick from work today. I think she has bronchitis. Need to make a Rx run for some meds I guess.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Got my Bugg...

So, I got the Body Bugg yesterday and am wearing it today. The odd thing is you can't tell if it is working until you upload the information into the computer at night. I hope it is working. I guess we shall see. Anyway, it is super cool.
It is so cold here that it makes you not want to do anything but sip hot coco or tea and snuggle. Normally I would not mind but next week starts our family challenge. It is supposed to snow tomorrow night and ds is so excited. He thinks he will miss school the next day, again we will see. I am heading to the grocery store tonight so we don't have to get out anymore than necessary.
Time to do some housework...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is so cold in my room I am actually thinking about putting my gloves on. We had a busy day that started with the best Mexican food I have in a very long time! It was so yummy but now I am stuffed. We cleaned out the 2nd desk in the study and the file cabinets so we can move them out this week and make room for the exercise equipment. I can't believe how much stuff we through away and shredded from 1 desk! It feels good to have it finished and ready to move. Tomorrow thinking of taking the kids somewhere for the last day of break. Guess I better go see about dinner!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie Day

Movie day was a success! We saw Have you Heard about the Morgans, the Blind Side and the kids saw the Squeakel. The Blind Side was as good as I have heard from others and the Morgans was actually really cute. We laughed out loud several times. I have never been a Sarah Jessica Parker fan but she was actually tolerable in this movie. The kids loved the Squeakel and all I hear around the house now is "NO, not the dutch oven". I guess I will have to see the movie for that one. We watched Night at the Museum 2 and laughed just like the first time we saw it. The Pharaoh is hysterical!! The gag reel is funny too. Hubby and I are going to watch the Proposal after the dishes are done. Tomorrow is a birthday luncheon for Allen's aunt and then moving some furniture out of the study to make room for the bike. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Did some cleaning up today, sewed some buttons on hubby's shirts, got two of our new lights put up (hubby did) and smoking some brisket, bologna and chicken for a day of food, football and games with family. I hope you are all having a wonderful day today and rest of the new year!