Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Word Game

Rule: You must answer the questions using only one word. Then tag four others.

1. Where is your cell phone? counter
2. Your significant other? Allen
3. Your hair? mixed
4. Your mother? Gabby
5. Your father? James
6. Your favorite thing? Children
7. Your dream last night? absent
8. Your favorite drink? Tea
9. Your dream/goal? Happiness
10. The room you're in? Bedroom
11. Your hobby? CrossStitch
12. Your fear? Water
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Oklahoma
14. What you're not? Thin
15. Muffins? Banana
16. One of your wish list items? Money
17. Where you grew up? everywhere
18. The last thing you did? email
19. What are you wearing? clothes
20. Favorite gadget? iTouch
21. Your pets? 3
22. Your computer? Laptop
23. Your mood? Tired
24. Missing someone? Yes
25. Your car? Nissan
26. Something you're not wearing? Shoes
27. Favorite store? craft
28. Like someone? Yes
29. Your favorite color? Purple
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31 Last time you cried? Today

I got this from Kimichigan...thanks. If you read it, consider yourself tagged.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Where have I been?????

I honestly couldn't tell you. The summer is almost over and we have not done much of anything. We painted the entry hall and thats it. I keep saying today we are going to paint but for some strange reason - it never happens.

The fourth was very quiet for us, for a change. We watched the big display in our county and then came home to set our own off.

I have been stitching as much as possible and been reading the Elm Creek Quilters novel series, not a good idea since I can't stop reading when I start.

I will try to post an updated picture of my stitching soon.