Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smokin' Needle

Wow, I have been able to stitch like crazy today. I am doing laundry and anything else I can to avoid any of the "inauguration" stuff aka the beginning of the downward spiral of American Freedom and Individual Rights. The crowds reaction to President Bush and his family is a direct reflection of the people responsible for this election. The double standard and disrespect is pathetic. I can say that I will give as much respect to BO as President Bush was given throughout his presidency. So, I guess NONE!
On the bright side, I have been able to get a lot of stitching done which is great since I need to finish this project asap. I can't post a picture since it is a gift but I can say it is the most impressive piece I have ever stitched...and the most time consuming. I will post a picture after the recipient has it.
Back to stitching and folding...