Monday, January 19, 2009

Spelling, Stitching & Sleeping

This was the big spelling bee weekend. Ds competed against elementary schools, middle schools and high schools! We were not aware of that until we got there. Anyway, he did not make the top 12 but was in the top 50. He has been so very nervous almost sick this past week. He was very upset after the results were announced saying he let everyone and the school down. This is the first time that he has not succeeded at something and it has been very hard for him to accept. Being in the top 50 in this county is nothing to sneeze at. He was one of the youngest competitors. The words were incredibly difficult and even the pronouncer could not pronouncer them a lot of the time. They had to know how to spell words from other languages too. I believe the winning word was “dicotyledon”.
I have finished another generation on my stitching and hope to get a start on the next today. I had to frog the date and redo it but that was okay. I hope to get it finished in a couple of weeks so I get it to the framers. I am also anxious to get back to a different project, mainly my L&L angel. I am about 3/4 of the way through her and then will start on the next one.
The problem this weekend has been my sleep. Having to teach nights this semester has really thrown off my clock. I can't seem to sleep for anything. Now I know how babies feel when they get their days and nights mixed up! I am having to force myself to bed and then force myself to get up. I hope I adjust better this week or I am going to be really grouchy. Thank goodness it is a very short week for me!