Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a sad sad day for America!!

At least it is over - that is the only good thing about all this. My dd and I decided to have a "Spread the Wealth Party" to celebrate. Here are our choices of what we want from others:

Home - I chose Brangelina's home in England (I thought about BO's house but I don't think I would let my dog live there) and dd chose the White House. I am contemplating the home of someone I know who has a nice location and a pool but just for the summer months.
Car - I chose Nancy Pelosi because she has a driver and dd chose David Beckham's.
Jet - I chose John Travolta's and dd chose Tom Cruise's.
Yacht - I chose Al Gores and dd chose George Clooneys.
Bank Accout - Any of the following will do: Barbara Streisand, Sean Penn, Jessica Alba, Whoopi, Katie Curic, Madonna. DD chose Scarlett Johanson.
Job - I am quitting mine because I will not need to work since BO will take care of all my needs, heck - I don't even need to think for myself anymore. DD chose BO's new job once the bleeding hearts are cleaned up.

We decided to make the other BO's (Oprah) house a haven for illegal aliens and they should of course have her funds as well.

I wonder if how long we have to wait to start getting checks and property? Do you think he will start as soon as he takes office? I hope so - I really want a vacation. I encourage all of you to make your list so it is less WORK on the new administration.

All I can say, they asked for it and boy are they gonna get it!!!!