Sunday, November 16, 2008


If you ever get the chance to see Celtic Thunder - you must go! It was the best concert/show I have ever seen. We had excellent seats, the sound was awesome, they sound better in person, the little theatrics were fun and everyone of them can sing (in their own way) and they are adorable and funny! Dd and I both enjoyed ourselves, even though we were starving after intermission. Our quest to find a place to eat didn't work so well. The three places I knew of downtown were all closed so we tried to wing it but that didn't work. So after the concert at midnight we were hitting Sonic (once I made my out of downtown that is). We loaded up on DVD's, posters, mugs and so on (hmmmmm - I wonder where MY share went to?) The song playing is one of theirs and one of my favorites but it is a little old school. Dd likes the more contemporary ones. During Danny Boy you could have heard a pin drop. They sung it acapella and it was amazing. They are heading out west so everyone keep a look out.