Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am Scared!

And not because it is Halloween but because of the election on Tuesday! I am very concerned about the way half of this country thinks. The sense of entitlement and the "give-me" generation is unbelievable. I am not sure if it is because I am a military brat or because I lived in other countries and have seen the "greener" grass but the liberal mentality is truly foreign to me, makes about as much sense as Chinese does! I am a college professor and I teach physical science no less so most people, fellow faculty and students included, automatically think I am liberal. I try to explain to them that I am so far to the right that conservatives have to wave at me.

I may not be happy with the way the last two years have gone but I am happy GWB was in the white house. The alternative would have been devastating. The blame game is so old. The partisan crap is ridiculous in the country now. It will be our downfall. I am not a McCain fan but I can not tolerate socialism, Marxism or the double standards that are blatantly obvious this year. I do care about the economy and taxes, blah blah BUT the security of my family is my highest priority and without a secure homeland - NOTHING -economy, immigration, taxes - matter. I can not watch the greatest country in the world abandon all the principles it was founded on. I am voting straight Republican because that is what I am and how I believe. I can only hope and pray that there is truly more common sense in the world than the media leads us to believe. The only democrats I know are fellow faculty and that is just an assumption based on trends. Everyone in my family, near and far, is voting the RIGHT way. I refuse to believe that my father, grandfathers, uncles, cousins and everyone else who have dedicated and given their life for this country did so in vain!!

I truly am scared...for my children, grandchildren and their children.