Friday, November 7, 2008

What can I say???

My son is a genius. I better not let him hear me say that. He got his report card and once again he got straight A's and E's...14 of them. He also got "A's" in his advanced classes. He received two awards...the Principals Award and the Achievement of High Excellence Award. I am amazed by him every day and sometimes every hour. At times I wonder what it would be like to be inside his head for just a little while. I think I would get overloaded but it would be nice. Maybe I should try since I am going to be needing all the help I can get when I start GSU next semester.

Here are my two boys in the mountains. What a pair they are but a cute pair!

GSU is still waiting on two letters from my former advisor and professor at the University of Tulsa. Once those are in my application packet will be complete. I am hoping they get them in before the deadline...Nov. 15th!! I did get my old GRE scores in and they accepted them so that is taken care of anyway.

I started streamlining the classes I am teaching next semester. I made up all new projects, schedules and syllabi for each class. I am teaching Historical Geology as well and I haven't taught that in a while so I have a little work to do there. I can't believe we have less than a month and this semester will be over! I am so looking forward to the break. We are heading home to Oklahoma before Christmas even if only for a few days. I need a Taco Bueno fix (and a family fix).