Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long Weekend

Well, our long weekend is over and we are all exhausted! We had a very busy weekend celebrating Greysons birthday. The weather was forgiving but thats about it. The important thing is I survived another year - I am still not sure how that happens, although I am sure my two earthly angels have something to do with it. We saw The Waterhorse this weekend and it was a surprisingly good movie. We have Allens birthday coming up next week to look forward to. This is our season of holidays and birthdays. I am not sure yet what we are doing for Allen but I think it will include a Wii Party!
I finally started taking down the Christmas tree and decorations. It will take me all week but it will be done. Taking down the tree is always so depressing. The house looks so bare after it comes down. I guess I shouldn't worry too much...only 300 days till it goes up again!!