Saturday, January 5, 2008


After looking for months and months and scrounging through magazines, we have finally found our flooring and our colors! We had decided with travertine for the kitchen but when we laid it out we did not like it. So, we decided to with the wood throughout the downstairs. The decor for the kitchen is going to be country staying inline with the greens and reds we already have (and my new teapot-which I L O V E). We are almost finished in the front bathroom...only flooring, molding and the new faucet left.

I haven't worked on any of my craft stuff but have to finish AJ's scarf so I can focus on my SAL. I am determined to get one of Greysons angels done and start another one. My scrapping is in the pits, I haven't scrapped in forever. I just don't enjoy it right now and haven't for sometime.

Well, off to watch a Jerry Lewis movie or box depending on which kid wins the argument...