Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...

It has been really windy here which makes it so much colder than it really is. I have actually resorted to wearing a jacket this week. I only wear it about a week out of the year so I guess this is it.
This was a really short week and I am glad. I needed the extra day!! I finally got my tree decorations down...not the tree mind you - it is still up. I hope to finish that this weekend. It takes three of us to get take it down.
I got my BareEscentuals in the mail today so I am very excited to try it. Ashley really likes hers and it looks great on her but then again, everything looks good on her. I am waiting on some fabric to get here so I can start on my version of the Dove of Peace. I am actually going to take off the dove and add a verse. I am going to rotate that piece and the SAL. I need to finish my papilion too. It is not so much cross stitch as fancy though. I REALLY want to start on my Chatelaine mystery but I have too much going on right now to take that one on, plus the supplies are very pricey!!
Well, off to bed for me. Blog with you soon.