Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog losing to Facebook!

I started using Facebook and have been neglecting my blog. I am going to try to do both. I changed the layout to V-day because I really couldn't find a cute New Years or Winter layout. I will keep looking. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. What did everyone get? My favorite gift was having some of my family here from Oklahoma to share Christmas with. They left this morning - always sad. My dd turned 20 on Christmas, no longer a teenager! We don't have any plans for New Years, except to watch some football. I plan to stitch some before the semester starts back up. I officially was accepted to the PhD program at GSU this fall. I plan to take at least two classes this spring. I can't enroll until the first day of classes though which makes finding classes a challenge. Ashley has 4 classes this spring and we will still be able to carpool at least one of the two days we go to GPC. The New Year will bring a start to a healthier New Year. We are converting our study into a workout/reading room with a bike and treadmill. The weights are going to stay in the garage for now. I plan to update my tickers and add one for the family as a whole. This is now a family effort. Not sure which program we are going to follow but I know what works for me so we may keep it or try something new. I did get the Biggest Loser Wii Workout so I am excited about that. Well, off to do some returns and get new lighting for the kitchen - after that, with the exception of the flooring, the kitchen will officially be finished!!!