Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Back!

We got in at 12:30 AM this morning from Oklahomas. We drove straight through. It was an exhausting drive since I had to drive it all myself. Dd is getting around better but still can't drive. We just keep her wheelchair in the car now and she uses crutches in the house. We had a great time in OK eating all our favorite foods and visiting family. We made it to Edmond to visit Great Grandma. Also, my first great niece was born while we were there - great timing huh? I finished all my shopping and even managed a short trip to Silver Needle and bought two complete kits. I could shop for hours in that store! We visited a cemetery that my grandma remember in Edmond that turned out to have several of our ancestors buried there. I took some pictures to add to the tree file. It was so strange seeing them. I still have to shower, unpack and finish wrapping....sigh!!!